Monday, December 7, 2009

Bolo Rei

Bolo Rei

Bolo Rei means King Cake. We eat it at Christmas times in big quantities. No Christmas is Christmas without Bolo Rei. It's like Christmas Cake and Christmas Pudding in England.

It's made with yeast, like bread, and it takes candied fruit and nuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts, raisins and that kind of stuff.
Many times, as the tradition says to do, it has a little present inside and a broadbean. That means that the person who gets the slice with the bean inside must buy the cake next time.
Well, that was some time ago. Now, with safety measures, most times the cake hasn't the bean or the present.
Even so, we keep eating it a lot.
When I was a little girl, in our home, it was my grandmother who made ours. It was an adventure to me to see the whole process. The smell, then my grandmother putting a cloth on top of it and leaving to raise, later on tending the dough and putting in the oven...
And then the smell of freshly baked Bolo Rei...
Now we buy it.
That's ok, it's still good anyway.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

I love stories of family Christmas traditions.

Aunt Amelia
Dec. 7, 1941

Anonymous said...

It looks lovely. Putting the bean in is rather like the tradition in England of putting a coin in the Christmas pudding. But due to health and safety and all that I don't think many people do that now.

Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

I was hoping there was a recipe for that decadent looking cake!!

Alexandra said...

I didn't know you did that in Portugal. How interesting! In the U.S. this is a New Orleans tradition. They also call it King Cake, but I think they have it during Lent.

once in a blue moon... said...

this looks wonderful!