Friday, May 14, 2010

The beauty around us

I've been seeing, for four days, the visit of the Pope.
As a deeply catholic person, I was in Heaven.
Most things I saw in television but in the first day I went to Lisbon, to Terreiro do Paço, to the Mass said by the Pope. We were happy. It was the most profound hapiness. We saw the Pope near us in a distance of around 1.5m. when he was going out.
So, today, after four days of pure joy, after he went away back to Rome, with my soul like burning brass, I went to listen some music to calm down.
It was then that I heard this sublime music that has absolutly nothing to do with the Pope but it's just so beautiful.
You don't need to understand the lyrics.
Just listen the beauty.

She is a very known brasilian singer and he is one of the biggest portuguese singers, poets, composers. My uncle is so lucky to know him quite well and I like him so much since my teen years.
He's a very handsome man, perfect lips and nose, a perfect arab, like the people in Alentejo are - arabs, I mean.
Ah, the beauty around us.


Alexandra said...

Beautiful...you are so blessed to have heard mass by the Holy Father.

I think I may have visited that area when I was a child...Portalegre, maybe. It's very scenic. One of these days we'll get back there.

. said...

Yes, do come. You will be very welcome.
Portalegre is more in the South.

Irene said...

Hello, dear friend,
We were in Rome on Good Friday and the Pope was to make a celebration. there were thousands of people to see him from everywhere. Many nuns and monks from around the globe, too.