Thursday, September 5, 2013

A corner of my kitchen

The kitchen is a place in my house I like very much. It's not picture perfect as some I see in other blogs, it's not ready to be pictured in a magazine and it will never be but it's my kitchen.

I have great plans for saturday related with my kitchen.
Sometimes I see posts by people that, when they say they have plans to their kitchen, they mean to build a new one or to redecorate a part of it. Not me. I have plans to clean and tidy it. It needs and deserves more attention.
Life has been taking me to so many places and I was forgetting my house. Now I'm back. I'm expecting a lot of help from above and a good deal of peace so I can concentrate on the good things of life, like reclaiming my kitchen back.
I hope I will post more about it soon.


Irene said...

So glad you are back! I have been mostly re-blogging and pinning. Wishing you a happy autumn.

P. said...

Dear Irene: thank you for commenting. Thank you for your support.

Lola said...

Happy to see you posting again!

I'm sure your kitchen is a happy place. Please share a meal with us, your readers!

P. said...

Dear Lola: I'm returning very sloooly. Have patience with me. I will try to post something soon.