Tuesday, October 1, 2013

31 Days

The Nesting Place is hosting a challenge where people will, for 31 days post about something they choose. It can be about Home, Food, Family whatever we choose but it will be around the same subject for the whole month.

I will post about  my home so it will be called 31 Days At Home.

My home is in great need of a lot of attention and I'm decided that it wil be now. I have so m any things to do that it will be easy to chose. So, each day it will be a new adventure for me.

Come back here tomorrow and there will be a new thing I did or will do in my home.

For several reasons I couldn't post for 31 days. Maybe next year.


Michele Alger said...

Super exciting I'm thrilled about this challenge and can't wait to share your experiences as well. Hope you'll visit me too at www.shelstring.com

Alfazema said...

So, I started the 31 Day challenge. What made me a bit sad was that under my button it doesn't show the name of my blog properly. I think I did everything right: I wrote the permalink and under that it asked for the little name I wanted so I wrote Alfazema, the name of my blog. I wonder why it shows like that. It didn't happen to anybody else. I wonder what happened.
Oh, well, maybe next year it will show nicely.
The most important is that I decided to participate.
I'm really happy with it, so many good blogs I'm finding throught it.
Later on I will make my post for today, I'll just say now that is kitchen related.

leslie said...

Looking forward to your posts!