Saturday, October 5, 2013


Oh, well, as everybody knows because I'm always saying it, I work outside, which means I am NOT a Stay At Home Mother. Painfully. I really don't like it, I wish I was a 100% housewife. But I am not and I have to live with it.

So...it means I don't do much each day of the week, except on Saturdays. I do like Saturdays. I do like Fridays too because when I wake up I always remember what day is and that makes me jump out of the bed very happily.

All this to say that my mind was wondering all Friday about things I intend to do.
I plan to play in the kitchen for hours, cleaning it , tidying it and prettying it.
I will do also a lot of laundry and that means wash it, put it on the line, picking it up and fold and, the part I don't like, put it away. And ironing at least some of it.

Thinking on that makes me plan also to sped some time on my bedroom tidying and puting some clothes on its places. And dusting. It will be fun.
Obviously I can't forget the entrance, on the outside. I need to sweep. And the inside too.

Back to the house, the inside, I need to vacuum and mop, dusting everywhere.
What a lot of work I have to do but at least it means I will play house all morning - I can't stay in bed till late.
And in the afternoon I will seat in the sofa watcging a movie and because it's Autumn already, I will be so cozy with a throw drinking hot chocolate.
Saturdays are such fine days. And then it comes Sunday. No hard work on that day because it's the Lord's Day, just Mass and not much more - other than one more movie to watch. Or two.

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