Saturday, May 31, 2008

It's saturday

I've been away from the blogosphere and I miss so all those beautiful blogs I know. The problem has been so much work I have outside of my home plus the fact that I'm a taxi mother, always taking my children from a place to another. In the end of the day there's no time for anything else.
The good thing is, when my husband is not traveling, he makes the dinner and let me just collapse on the couch. That is the best time of the day, being at home with my husband and children.

Talking about traveling. My husband went to a place in the middle of the country and brought us some biscuits and cookies traditional to that place.
See it here.

It was much apreciated. He also brought us a jar of pumpkin and pine nuts jam.

Can you see the little nuts here?

Ooooh!... All good things.

Today, because it's saturday, I'm in my home all happy doing homemaking and enjoying my home and the company of my children and husband.
My next chore is to make some soup. I think I will make spinach soup.
See here the last one I made: broccoli with a little bit of carrot - most portuguese soups take potatoes and carrots.

I hope to come back later on to update on my saturday adventures - or maybe tomorow.


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Therese said...

mmm. Those jam and biscuits all look delicious.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I will add your prayer intention to the list that I have to start on the 9th of June.