Sunday, May 25, 2008

Staring at the sky

10 P.M.

I was trying yesterday to post something but my internet was not cooperating.
I, in a small window when internet was working, was visiting A Scrapbook of Inspiration saw a post about the sky and posting pictures of the sky. She gave a link to Tom,from the UK, of Welcome To Wiggers World who is hosting a Sky Watch.
See it at
And now, some pictures I've been taking from our sky.

So much light

I can't resist. My windows and the place where I live allow me to have such pretty views of the sky.

Look here.


What is this?

The sky here was amazing. I coulnd't capture all the beauty but you can have an idea.

Blue day

Well, I can't post here all the nice sky I have been so fortunate to see.
But you may see all my sky pictures at

Thank you for your visit.
It's so good to realize I'm not the only one who is always staring at the sky as I was seeing iy for the first time and taking pictures like crazy.

P.S.: In the first picture, the bright dot in the sky is Venus.

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Pat - An Arkansas Stamper said...

Your photos are lovely! Thanks for saying it's Venus in the first shot. Amazing!
Welcome to Sky Watch Friday! I hope to see more of your photos.