Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rainy Corpus Christi day

As today is Corpus Christi,here we don't work.
I was all happy, very early at the computor, in my house, when I began to hear such a noise outside. It was the rain. Raining again. It has been raining everyday since some days ago.
Not that I complain. I do like rain. It's just I was planning on doing some washing and hanging it outside.
Nothing of the like. Indors.
We went to Mass, as is we must do on Holy Days, and it was raining so much that it was a big event to the little girls, because they had to dress their raincoats, the 4yo one with her all over head to toe blue "raincoat".
They were happy and I am too: staying at home with my girls and husband after being at Mass. What can be better?!



dot said...

Couldn't find your Sky Watch picture but the rain shots are nice.

Beti Copetti said...

Um dia inteiro pra aproveitar a família é o máximo!!!