Monday, August 25, 2008

The Bom Jesus

Bom Jesus de Braga

Here I am. My holidays ended and I'm back to work. Not that it's a happy thing to me. I quite prefer to be outside my work than inside. But, well, if I don't work outside there's no way of entering money in my bank account so, back to work.

The days here have been quite nice, not hot at all. We had such a hot days in the begining of the summer but looks like we - let's hope - are heading for autumn, and this is good news.

The picture above is from Braga: the Bom Jesus do Monte - the Hill's Good Jesus, badly translated.
It's so full of significance and so beautiful: the stairs, the inumerous chapels, the church, all the park with its green and stong plants and trees, the lake.
One of this days I will post a picture of my people going in a boat in the lake.

Read about it here:

Buy for now. More news tomorow, about the wonderful time we had .


Alexandra said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day at work. :)

Beti Copetti said...

Como disse antes, voltei aqui pra saber da viagem de férias! hehehe As fotos das férias sempre são encantadoras e esta escadaria mostra isto mesmo - lindo lugar!
Bom retorno ao trabalho!