Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Holidays and a birthday

Almond cake

My blog has been quite silent. Everyday I think about updating it but a mother of a large family has always so many things to do, plus working outside full time.

About our holidays, we thought about going to that Island where we usualy go as you can see here. After all, my husband decided that it would not be very convinient for us all to go there this year and, instead of it, we are planning to go to somewhere else. This somewhere else means to stay in the main land. We live in the top south or the bottom center, depends on the opinion. So now we are heading north: first the middle Center and then the North and, God willing, upper North.

All this looks very raw but, as I intent to take a lot of pictures, you will be able to see, by yourselves, how the North is so beautiful, the most beautiful place in this country – apart from Sintra.

Madeira Island is that amazing beauty you know but it’s really Africa, as I can find there the flora of my childhood. If you see the map you can see how is located near Africa, not Europe. The places where we will go now have an European beauty, being the North made of amazing shades of green.

I don’t go there since my teen years. Well, I went there I was already married and having two children but only for two or three days. We stayed in a property where they produce Port Wine. It was very good.

I think I will enjoy so much this trip. I can’t wait.

As I had not any image to post about our future holidays, I leave you with my husband's birthday cake. Well, his birthday was in July, but never mind.

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