Friday, August 29, 2008

Our holidays

Sorry for the long absence. I shouldn't.
So I give you this rose from one garden in Braga so you are well with me again.

So, following my report on our holidays.

We were so well in the magnificent city of Braga, with a nice temperature, not hot at all, because it's a town in the Northwest. We had a day of deligtful rain as you can see in this picture. Our room was extremely well located in a corner of the hotel, so we could see in two directions. By this window we could see an abundance of the wonderful and antique Braga architecture and even the Bom Jesus in the distance.
Here we can't see it because it was raining.


After some days in Braga we went to Spain.
Here you can see Vigo by night and my husband and one of my girls.

Vigo by night

Lovely place.

More to follow and, because it's weekend, I hope I will post some more pictures tomorow, which ones I don't know yet.
Because I'm working already I have been quite lazy posting but I will try to better now.


Beti Copetti said...

Você é a pessoa que "conheço" que mais gosta de chuva!

. said...

Uma das minhas filhas também é assim, a que está na fotografia de Vigo.

Beti is saying that I'm the person she knows who likes the most of rain. I answered that one of my girls, the one in the Vigo picture, is like me.