Monday, September 8, 2008

The Autumn is coming

I feel the need of entering "full time" in the Autumn that we can feel already in the air .
It's amazing that, usualy, we have such hot days until October - including it - and this year we feel already the pleasant breeze that Autumn brings and we feel it everyday, all day long.
The air has more oxygen, the light is more beautiful. I seat in my sofa curled with a warm blanket in the evenings. I feel good.
Everybody that reads my blog knows I can't stand summer. The only things about summer that I like are my girls nice dresses and going on holidays. Nothing more.

Talking about holidays. I need to do a closer to summer and holidays so, I will post some three or four times about our wonderful holidays and then jump into my favorite time of the year: Autumn and Winter.
Did you realize that I put two (!!!) Christmas counters already? One in the right side and another in the bottom.
Another thing that I did on the blog was to add new blog links.
I was missing England so I went surfing the blogosphere searching for english blogs. I found in them such inspiration. I feel well reading and looking at the beautiful pictures.
The result of that was that I'm adding new blogs to my growing list, as you can see in the right side of my blog.

I realized know that, for some reason, I can't post a picture now. I'll try sort it later and, God willing, start to post those 3 or 4 posts about our holidays.

See you tomorow, then.


Beti Copetti said...

Eu gosto de todas as estações, mas depois de duas gripes muito fortes, uma na chegada do frio, e outra agora, no fim do inverno, estou achando boa a aproximação da primavera. Temperatura mais amena, mais verde, mais flores, dias mais longos são bem-vindos! Mas o melhor disto , é que temos, aqui no sul do Brasil, as quatro estações bem definidas. E cada uma delas tem seu encanto!
Bom outono pra vocês!!!

. said...

É engraçado como, no Brasil, é possível ter as estações todas. Normalmente, uma pessoa relaciona o hemisféripo sul com duas estações só, mas é disparate, o sul é igual ao norte, só que ao contrário.