Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Missing England

Do I have enough chocolate ?

If somebody is reading my blog, he must have realized the amount of english (british) blogs I've been adding to my blog list.
The reason why I'm doing this is:

1. I do like british blogs;
2. I'm crazy for England;
3. I do miss going there;
4. When I look at british blogs I feel a bit there.

When the Autumn cames here, I am homesick of England.
First time I went there, it was October and I was just married. It was our honeymoon. Almost twenty years ago.
We went to England and to Paris.
It was then that I discovered England. Before that I liked it already but I thought that all that loveliness only could exist in movies. When I arrived there it was love at the first site. And I'm still in love. For ever.

The picture above shows a lot of drinking chocolate I brought last time I went there, at Christmas time. After that, my husband needed to go there and came full of drinking chocolate too, for me.
England and chocolate.
Two passions I have.

Note: Please, the non british blogs don't be ofended because I like you all.
Update: I couldn't resist and added some americans too.

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Alexandra said...

I love England as well. I want to visit Wales next time we go. My sister lives in London with her family.