Monday, September 22, 2008

Autumn is here !

Thanks be to God.
Summer is gone.
Autumn and Winter are so much better then Spring and Summer.

This summer was quite easy, really, nothing compared with the previous ones that made me feel in Purgatory. If all summers would be like the one that ended (it feels good to say ended) I wouldn't mind so much to have a summer every year.

Today, when my big girl reminded me that today begins Autumn I suddely was so happy. It means summer is gone... - I thought to myself.

Such a relief.

Welcome Autumn!

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Mélia said...

O Outono é a minha estação preferida!

Espero não perder a maravilhosa troca das folhas, já que presentemente me encontro no Estado de Arizona. Tem maravilhas sem comparação tal como o Grand Canyon, que só pode ser verdadeiramente apreciado "ao vivo", mas o Outono em Upstate New York, é deslumbrante.