Friday, April 17, 2009

Hooked on Aprons II

Maybe you remember when, some time ago, I posted Hooked on Aprons I for Hooked on Fridays at Hooked on Houses. I showed some of my aprons made by my grandmother.

Today I will show you some more aprons I have but not so important ones.
Even so, I like them and I use them all the time.

The picture above is my most recent aquisition and has pot holders matching. Also a kitchen towell .

The following are not new.

Apron, bread bags and pot holder

This bag matching the apron is a bread bag. As the name says, is to put bread in it.

My new set

Other apron

Apron time

This one is mine

This one, with oranges all over, is one of my favorites. It has matching pot holders too.
The girl is not me - lol - is my big girl.

Amelia's apron

This one is hers. She is very much into aprons, which is a good sign: it shows femininity and that she likes domesticity.

Beatriz's apron

This one belongs to my girl that is now fourteen - but is the older one that is showing it to us.

My husband's apron

This one belongs to my husband and it's his favorite.
This picture is a bit old and shows my little girl trying to put his glasses in the pocket.

My little girls's aprons

These ones belong to my little girls. As they see all the growns ups with aprons, they want also to have theirs.
It's good they learn from the early ages.


Anonymous said...

I love aprons too! I have a lot though not quite as many as you have! Found you through Hooked on Houses.

Gayle at Planet M Files said...

Wow! You have a wonderful collection of aprons!

Suzy said...

I love your aprons, looks like one for everyday. Gets you cooking right???
Thanks for sharing,

Annie said...

I must admit that the charm of apron has always alluded me. But somehow I now seem to be understanding it a little better. Yu have a great collection and I love your cabinet.

Anne Alagna said...

I also love aprons. I love your blog. I found you from Blissfully Domestic. Our children are much the same ages. I look forward to coming back over and over to read your blog.