Sunday, April 5, 2009

Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday. Here we call it Branches Sunday because we don't use only palm, also olive tree branches and rosemary.
In the procession, they are blessed with Holy Water and everybody carries his branch in rememberence of the reception Jesus had when he entered Jerusalem.
Today begins the most important week in all the year: Holly Week.
It's the last week of Lent.
Easter is almost here.
Praise Our Lord.


Alexandra said...

My favorite time of year. Happy Palm Sunday to you too. Alleluia, the King is coming!

IRENE said...

We have similar customs. How lovely that you use olive and rosemary. We use branches of bay (as in bay leaves). And we do take them home after they are blessed. It's so beautiful to see the people carrying the branches home with them.