Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A bit of pink

Today it's raining a lot. The same yesterday. It's gloomy and cold. I like the rain, as everybody knows, but I must say, I need some sun. As I'm at home today - yeeees! - I planed to do a lot of things. No. I'm doing just some little things. I feel I want to seat and read.
Mum need to rest too, said my 10 yo girl. Yes. I'm tired.

Well, to brighten a bit the day, I thought about posting some pictures of my flowers.
They don't mind the cold. Looks like it's always spring, around here. I'm dreaning with a bit of snow but n0thing happens.

That's ok. Maybe the snow would burn the flowers.
Pretty, aren't they.
See you tomorow, maybe.


Annie said...

So very pretty and I like that "maybe" right at the end. Hope you fully enjoyed doing nothing. Your sweet 10 year old is right on.

Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

Love the pink, one of my favorite colors. We have a new forecast of sunshine and warmer weather. Yea!!