Saturday, February 20, 2010

Rain and sun and some plants

I wonder why, these flowers where light pink when I bought the plant, as you can see here.

Now they turned white. Later on, some new ones were born and they are pink. They are so beautiful, a way or another, good to brighten our day.
We are now having sun and rain. I was so pleased to see a lot of sun when I woke up and then a big rain fall down. Now is sun again. I hope it stays because I have plans to do some gardening

and wash a lot of clothes.
Let's see how the day goes.


Anonymous said...

Such pretty flowers. xxxx

Sandra said...

Mas que lindas flores.


Alexandra said...

Wow! These colors are beautiful. We have some warm days here as well...I sat out in the sun for an hour today enjoying the warm sun.