Sunday, February 21, 2010

Madeira Island

I'm always talking about Madeira Island and how beautiful it is.

Days of sea and roses

Now I must say they were hit by a catastrophe yesterday. Until now, 38 people died because of heavy rain and mudslides. By what I saw in television this morning, 250 people were missing. It's devastation everywhere. Looks like an impossible thing to happen because that island is a kind of paradise, everybody says so.

Madeira Magic Gardens

You can see my pictures on Madeira Island here and here.
So beautiful and now it's as we can see in the news. (Also here, here ,here and here).
I hope the can fix it soon.


Jenny said...

Watched the news reports last night, dreadful. The water was so fast and powerful nothing could be done to stop it causing massive damage. I too am thinking of the people on the island and hoping it can be restored to the beauty of your photographs.

Irene said...

Madeira was in the news in greece, and i had you in my mind. So sorry! I hope God brings relief to those who lost their loved ones and helps heal this little corner of Heaven on earth.

Alexandra said...

My prayers are with Madeira. I'm glad your husband is safe and was not there doing his work when this happened.

Spruce Creek Farm said...

I don't have television so I wasn't aware of the devastation. I didn't even see it mentioned anywhere on the internet.
They will definately need prayers.

On a brighter note, the pictures you posted are lovely, did you take them yourself?

Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

Your pictures are so beautiful, how tragic.

Lulu said...

lovely photos..i heard about madeira, so very sad..