Thursday, April 22, 2010

19 !

Now big girl is 19!
It was on 21, April.
Here she is with her cake.


Would you like now more english beauty?
Here it comes.

This is Chichester, a town I like so much. When I go there I can't help to take several pictures of this lane near the cathedral.

Abril.7 053

Isn't that beautiful?!

See you tomorow, I hope.


Mary said...

Everything was beautiful. Especially the birthday cake. That is an important birthday for both of you. I hope you both enjoyed it and our having a wonderful day today. Blessings...Mary

Irene said...

Happy Birthday! May she be healthy and blessed in life.

Lara Gisela said...

Happy Birthday! I'm a bit late but it's never too late! I love your photos and I absolutely England, just like you. I wish I could live there.

Alexandra said...

More of your lovely birthday cakes and England! Blessings to your oldest on her birthday.

Beti Copetti said...

Os filhos crescem rápido, hem? Parabéns à aniversariante!

Gayle @ Mountain Mom said...

Happy Birthday to your girl! Adore the pics, how I long to go!