Wednesday, April 21, 2010



I was not able to come to blogland for such a long time! It's not easy to have a reasonable big family and work outside and do those things I like so much. I really don't like to work outside - even if the work is quite enjoyable - but I do like the money I have in the end of the month!

So, today I managed to find a little time to come here and what I find? A bunch of delicious comments! Thank you so much!

Since you liked those pictures I posted on England, I dare to post some more about our trip to Bath where we stayed with some friends in a big and gorgeous house.
It's a lovely town, beautiful.

When we were going, the day was quite rainy which I didn't mind at all, being cosy inside the train, seeing that wonderful landscape, so beautiful as it was coming from inside a book.

It was a wonderful day.
We went to visit the roman baths

and we had a good walk.

The pleasure it was the same next day with a lot of walking and having a good shoping with the big girls.

Easter Sunday we went back to my sister in law for more delightfull days in England.

I'm quite tempted to post one more time about England next day I can come back to my computer.

About the closing of airports that some of you asked about: no, we were lucky enough to come back before the chaos. Me, for myself, wouldn't mind to stay a bit longer but the problem would be the girls's classes.


Irene said...

England is such a beautiful country, especially for home loving souls like you and me.
For four years I used to go on a train 5 days/week from my (late) grand father's in Canterbury to London for the University. Such a leasurely way to travel, enjoying going from one place to another.
I so much enjoyed looking at your photos!

Gayle @ Mountain Mom said...

Oh, I totally understand about your longing to be home but how the extra $ really makes a difference. I haven't been to visit my blog friends in ages it seems. It is hard to keep up with it all, but I sit with a cup of tea and just a 30 min. break, it is nice to pop in and see what everyone is up to and see the lovely photos of England.