Monday, April 28, 2008

Another week

Things here have been quite "normal" after the agitated days of First Communion - and preparations to it - and the birhday of my oldest daughter.
The days were hot and that was not necessary at all. But now the weather is more pleasent.
The good thing of the hot days was the amount of laundry I washed.
Yesterday began a new week and it won't be free of agitation again: my birthday girl decided that she will have a party next 1 of May because, as nobody works and goes to school, everybidy will be able to come to her party.
So, party preparations, here I go: shopping, see if I have everything I need, see if the table towels are ready, etc. And double clean the house too. I want that everybody find the house spotless. Add to all this the fact that I work outside everyday all day long.
Well, never mind. Working outside brings me money and having all that work and trouble with the party makes my girl so happy.
Other subject. I'm thinking of changing my header. The title Alfazema (lavender) has everything to do with me but I think I don't need to always have an alfazema picture because the title has to do with me.
So I will think which one will be next.
For today I leave you with some pictures from a garden my husband restaured and mantains here.

The lake

The swan

Such beauty.

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Cherry Menlove said...

Gosh, yes it can be so hard to leave the house when we have so much we want to be doing and making. The pictures you've posted are amazing, great post!

Lots of love
Cherry xoxox