Monday, April 14, 2008

I was invited by Alexandra of Happy Hearts at Home to do the Meme "I've Got The Urge To... "

So here it goes.

I got the urge to:

1 . Don't work outside my home - even if the money I earn is quite a lot - and To Be a full time Wife, Mother and Homemaker.

2. Go and take Communion now and to be with my God, my Creator and my Redemer, the One who is always with me and The Reason why I live - but for that I need to not work out everyday ; I need to be that stay at home woman. Because I'm not, I only can go to Mass and take Communion on Sundays.

To England

3. Go to England. I have always the urge to go to England. I feel so well there. If I was a rich woman I'd go there every month. Well, never mind.

4. Go to Rome. I went there once and I was crazy about it. Everything: Italy and most of all, the Vatican. Ah!... I feel at home there.

And now little things:

Drying clothes outside

Just stay at home.
Doing laundry.
Tidy up my house.
Open the windows .
Take care of the plants.
Just breathe and give thanks.

I invite everybody who wants to do this Meme to do it.

Just tell me you are doing it.


IRENE said...

Interesting thoughts.
I get the urge to stay at home, too, sometimes. I might say that I want to do it for taking better care of my home and children , but it wouldn't be true. I'd do it because it would please me and my nesting insticts.
I don't know if you have followed my posts recently, but I began taking the communion every Sunday, and I also went to confession the Sunday before. I look forward to Sundays. Confession and communion are healing and filling for the mind, the soul, and the body. Don't you feel "whole" afterwards? I look forward to it as if I am looking for a missing part of me that I had lost.
I love England and Italy, although I must say I appreciate England more now than when I was living there. At the time, being an expat, I was dreaming of Greece! I haven't been to Rome, but I have visited Verona and the countryside in the center of Italy. My husband's first cousin is married to an Italian University lecturer and lives there with their daughter.
There is something in the air that makes Italy so seductive and my head almost dizzy. God made such a beautiful world for His children!
Blessings to you and your family.

. said...

Thank you for your comment, so beautiful. As always, is a plesure to read what you write.

Alexandra said...

All good things. :) Thanks for playing.