Friday, April 25, 2008

A lot of good moments - and parties

The rose

I have been quite busy this week, or rather, occupied in everyday duties. Lot's of hours at work. I don't like it.
Well, I couldn't post anything at all and I was uppset with that.
Today I'm all happy in my house and I'm not going to work because here we don't work today, every year in this day, because a lot of years ago people made a revolution that some people liked and others din't.
So, the good thing is in this day we don't go to work.
Here I'm am all happy.
As promised, here it goes some more pictures of ny girl's First Communion.
The cake and other cakes.

First Communion cake

First Communion party

A carnation from a bunch I bought t decorate the house in that wonderful day.

And now pictures of my big girl birthday party that happened the day after the other one had hers. It was only for us. She decided that a bigger one will be made in the firts of may because it's holiday and everybody will be able to come.

17 !

And here is her cake.

17 !

It was a lot of work to alight all these candles and then blowing them out.

Note: the rose above is the one my 8 years old girl gave to Our Lady after taking her First Communion.
happy days, do doubt. We have been very happy amd lucky. Praise the Lord.


Beti Copetti said...

Muito bom ter coisas pra agradecer, e, melhor ainda, ter consciência de que é preciso agradecer por elas.

Alexandra said...

I LOVE that cake...so pretty.

Spring always seems so busy...I wonder why that is? I'm looking forward to everything slowing down again. I like a quiet routine.