Thursday, November 5, 2009

A full pantry

...or being prepared.

Fancy a cup of tea?

We are a family of 6, a big family for european standards - and what to say for this corner of Europe standards! We need to be prepared and have a full pantry.
Well, looking to several blog's well stocked cupboards, I reminded some pictures I took of mine some time ago. (So, maybe some of you have seen them already).

I must say, also, that my cupboards are in a urgent need of tidying up so they can be prepared to welcome the lot of things we need to buy before Christmas.

I'm always so much afraid of needing something in the days before the big event that I always buy a lot. I don't mind if, in the end I don't need as much because it stays for the days after.

For instance. It's a tradition, here, to have several fried wonderful things for Christmas Day and Eve so, I can't buy only two bottles of sunflower oil, I feel I must buy four, the same with flour, sugar and so on. It's quite ok because the result is I wouldn't need many things in January and the feeling of buying a lot makes me feel more in the season, a bit like the ants, storing things for Winter.

Well, time for homemaking now. I'll let you know about the progress in the tidying up.
The buying will begin is some weeks.

For Blissfully Domestic.


Gayle @ Mountain Moma said...

I love looking at peoples pantries. How domestic is that!! Especially the ones where people have really stocked up. Mine seems to be messy all the time. I think it is a room that you don't notice to clean till it gets really bad. Thank's for the peak in yours.

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Being stocked up! Excellent!

And as to the usual size of European families... And of other country's families... This is a very important reason why the religion [*of Peace*] which has women bear 5 children each, is out stripping us, in numbers. :-(

Lady Farmer said...

Hurrah! I am finally able to view your blog! I have tried for months, but it seems my computer is al last willing! So many of the blogs I try to visit, my computer refuses!
It is a wonderful thing to have a full pantry! One feels so prepared for any need! And I think everyones pantry needs a little tidying up now and again. It is probably one of the most used spaces in our homes!

kanishk said...

. This is a very important reason why the religion [*of Peace*] which has women bear 5 children each, is out stripping us, in numbers. :-(
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Anonymous said...

It is good to be stocked up.

And I am impressed you have a packet of good old Yorkshire tea! :)


Lola said...

You are so organized.

Peaceful organization.

Now which DD does the Oatmeal belong to?

(I now have to roll up my sleeves and get MY cupboards tidied up.)