Friday, November 13, 2009

Autumn, definitely

It has been wet and coldish. Autumn, definitely.
The clothes, put to dry on the lines, take time to dry. Each morning the floor is wet as it had rained and sometimes it does.
For the english people and in other cold countries this is so frequent and normal but for us so as much because, due to global warming, the summer extended itself for so long that looked like we wouldn't have any Autumn at all. But no, here it is.
And I'm so happy about it.
So, in a minute, I will wash some more clothes - in our house it must be done everyday with rain or not - and put it on the line.
The fresh air is good too, not only the sun. Even when there's any it's worthwhile to put it outside. Much better the than dryer.
Here I go for a load: wash, dry (outside), take it inside, fold it and put away to have the drawers full.
It gives so much confort to find all the clothes we need ready to wear. Looks like a small thing but no, taking care of our laundry is to take care of our family. It's an important job.


Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

You speak of global warming.

But we had a less hot summer. And are forecast to have a 10 degrees colder than normal winter.

Interesting, hu?

. said...

Very good. Maybe global warming is finished.