Thursday, March 26, 2009

21 Days Challenge to Becoming an Effective Wife

This post was for Monday but, after I have tryed, I couldn't post any pictures, so I tried each day and now I gave up and here it is today.
In the 21 Days Challenge to Becoming an Effective Wife at Her Southern Charm, we must have some items that we want to improve in our life and come here every monday to tell about the progress - or not.
Here they are mine.

Get up at 6.15.
Done most of the days. Sometimes I get up some minutes later but in the whole, is quite good.

To fold 40 pieces of clothes everyday.
Put away those folded clothes everyday too
Quite well to the part of folding but not the one to put away. Let's see if I can improve this week.

Declutter the Laundryroom, everyday a little bit.
Bad. Not big progess yet.

Pray the Rosary everyday.
Most days, done. I need to give more atention to Our Lady and Her Son through Her. Apart from the Three Hail Mary Devotion - everyday in my life since I was a child as my grandmother teached me - not much prayer.

Well, I hope to have more progress to report next monday.


Laundry graphic from www.cutecolors.com/

Update: at last I manage to put the images in this post!

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