Sunday, March 15, 2009

Stuffed red peppers

First we put some olive oil in a pan and fry, until transparent, maybe two onions, sliced. Also one or two courgettes, sliced too.

Add rice, mix and pour water on it.
DH, who made all this, instead of putting in a pan, he put in a tray. We can make the rice and then put it on a tray but DH say this is the best method.

While the rice is cooking, take a bottle - or can - of red peppers "piquillo". Thess peppers ares spanish and we buy it in a spanish supermarket we have here. I wonder if in America people have it too. Maybe in Mexico people eat it because of the spanish background.

So, we take one and put tuna, canned, inside as you can see here.

Put the peppers all over the tray, on top of the rice.

Put some grated cheese on top

and oven with it.

I must say, this is rather good!


Annie said...

This looks so delicious. Being in California we have an abundance of Mexican markets not to mention every pepper known to man actually grown here. We just bought green ortega chilis yesterday to thickly slice, stuff with cheese and grill. Divine.

Is that green sauce I see in the pan with the onions and zucchini (looks like zucchini slices)?

Bon Apetit,

. said...

Yes, it's zucchini. Zucchini is italien and courgettes is french but is the same thing.


IRENE said...

I think I'll try that! I make rice stuffed tomatoes, peppers and aubergines, but this although it looks similar in conception it is more intricate. Thank you!

Lulu said...

it looks delich!!!

Annie said...

Thanks for the tip Alfazema. Courgette. Zucchini. It's all the same. Amen to that.

50s Housewife said...

It looks delicious and colorful too! :)