Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Past Christmas - Food

As you now, I’m crazy for Christmas and I can’t wait for it, as I was a child.
I’m making lists of everything I might need to buy, to shop, to make, to do...
I keep thinking about the menu, all the cakes and desserts I want to make, if the linens are ok, if we have enough chairs – we always have but even so, every year I fell I must make sure we have.
As you can see by the picture, we put a big table on and a smaller one. Plus side boards of every kind to acomodate all the food and people.
All pictures I am posting now belong to last years Christmas and to the one before.
So, I remembered to post some for several days. It will be called Past Christmas and if you would like to join me, just give me a note.

In the picture with the tables, you can see first the smaller one which was destined for children that’s why I have paper glasses. They liked it very much because there was a 19 century kind of Santa Claus on it.
The big table, on the bottom, has proper nice red glasses, which was a present from my husband in a previous Christmas, some years ago.
It’s rather dark this picture because it was raining and the lights were off in that moment, I don’t know why.
Near the window there’s a table that, in the moment I took the picture, was still empty of food.

And now some food for you to see.
I must say that the desserts are always made and choosen by me. The main courses and etc are my husband departement. Rissols and the kind are usually brought by my brother’s wife.

My sister never comes because they go to her mother in law house at Christmas Day and have dinner with us at my brother’s at Christmas Eve because is the most important moment for families here, and always have been.

Well, it’s enough for today. More pictures tomorow.
Tomorow I will show you more about the tables.

P.S.: Maybe you are wondering about the food so I will explain.

In the first picture (with food):

Apple pie and crumble, croquetes (made with minced meat), rissols (with shrimps inside), Bolo Rei (translated King Cake, very traditional, with dried fruit and all kind of nuts inside and on top); Bolo Vicente ( Vincent Cake, a must in our Christmasses, as my grandmother always made it) and several of those dried fruits.
Picture 2:
Several of my husband specialities, seeing first brocolli, cawliflower and a special kind that looks a mixture of both; caramelized onions; roasted potatoes; goose, etc.
Picture 3:
the lovely bird; chestnuts and brussels sprouts; some sausages,...
Last picture:
Sweet rice; sausage rolls and rabanadas or golden slices as they are called (fried bread after being rolled in milk and egg).
More to see tomorow.


Mélia said...

Beautiful. The food so familiar. It's 7:46AM and I could sit down and eat it all....

For 28 years Christmas was celebrated in my house; always had at least twenty people and my siblings would take vacation time and stay for at least a week to ten days.

Since my father's death things have changed and the family which is scattered from Oregon, California, Texas, etc. just finds it easier to celebrate locally.

Alexandra said...

Lovely! My husband does a lot of the cooking as well.

Beti Copetti said...

Menina, me deu uma fome!!!!