Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas is coming near...

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Only 32 days to Christmas. Are you ready?
Here, at Alfazema's house, everything is going well. Most presents are NOT bought, but lists are growing (!) and I'm happy with all that.
One thing I keep buying is present wraping paper. I like that so much. Usualy I buy around 15 rolls!

As today is saturday, the day I may stay at home all day long - oh, happiness! - I'm here a little bit and then I'm going to dance around my house doing cleaning and tidying and doing laundry.
I plan too doing some baking later and a lot of soup.
I'd like to do some gardening too...
Oh, so many nice things to do and so little time...
Well,see you later or tomorow.
I think I may, then, tell you what I managed to do.


Sandra said...

I just talked about this in my post this morning LOL

I haven't bought anything for Christmas either and I'm also staying home today and cleaning, cooking etc.

Lara Gisela said...

I love Christmas too. But I still have many things to do for Christmas.
Have a wonderful week.