Monday, November 10, 2008

The Christmas bug

The weather here has been quite mild, not hot at all, not too cold. Not that I mind the cold. Here we don’t have snow, only once in several years. In the North of the country it does quite a lot. Not here. Even so I like the Winter. When I’m in the Summer, which I can’t stand, I long for the Autumn. But now, that September and October are gone, I can’t wait for Winter. Even without snow.
I want to wear scarves everyday – I wear it somedays now – gloves, everything I have the right to wear in a proper wintery season.

Another thing I’m restless now is about Christmas.
I don’t know if you realized that I put some christmas and winter blinkies and graphics in my blog. And if I could, I would put a lot of counters – yes , I have two and, with the above one, it’s three.
Only 45 days for Christmas now.
I’ve been making lists about everything Christmas related:

. presents for each of my girls, my husband, my mother and father,my brother and sister and their wife and husband, my nephew, my uncle...

. lists of everything I have to buy for meal, including desserts – several – and apetizers;

. things we will eat in the Eve, Chrstmas Day and Boxing Day;

. thigs I will take to my brother’s;

. presents to make;

. what I can make in advance;

. things I have to buy, like napkins, kitchen roll – the christmassy type;

. people to whom I have to send card;

. declutering and tidying list...

.buying wraping paper, bows, celar tape;

. tags : looking for them in the internet, print them and cut to size;

. and so on.

As you can see, my mind is pretty buzy and amuzed. I begin dreaming about driming with this things in September and in the end of October I’m in full Christmas mode. Can you imagine how I am now that November is in full strenght ?

I can’t stop singing Christmas songs. In October, in the morning of my birthday, my husband found me singing Santa Claus Is Coming To Town and he said:

- It’s your birthday, silly, not Christmas!

And you? What are you feeling now about Christmas preparations? Making lists too?

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IRENE said...

Yes, it's just 45 days. How marvelous!