Saturday, November 8, 2008

Kitchen Poetry VI

Fancy a cup of tea?

As you can see, ther's always a lot of tea in my house. Pitty this corner doesn't show the assortement of drinking chocolate - and the non drinking kind.

P.S.: I'm posting the small version of the picture so you can see it all, because the medium sized is a bit cut on the right.

Fancy a cup of tea?

If you are wondering what is inside the almost empty boxes - usually they are full - I can tell you:

. the one in the left has rice;

. the blue one has self - raising flower;

. the one following has cuscus and

. the one with an orange lid has plain flower.

Near the teas there is another orange lid box that has several seeds inside, like sunflower seeds, etc., because I like to put them on top of pasta.


Alexandra said...

I'd love to try that Yorkshire tea...there is one I haven't seen before. I love tea. :)

vanessaann said...

hey. i came over from simplesparrow (my mum in law) i love your tea! i know what you mean about photos getting cut off. kinda a bummer. i end up trying to take my vertically.

Jenny said...

Yorkshire tea is the best brew. I live in Scotland but drink it all the time it works so well with our delicious soft water. So glad it reaches you too.