Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Past Christmas - The Table

I know I put already, yesterday, one picture of the table but today is the day when I'm going to show some more about it.

Here it is the table before it was set, the piano in the bottom and a lot of books everywhere. The candles must be replaced.

And in here you can see the begining of it, the bit where the children seat.

The part for the adults, with the red glaces my husband gave me some Christmasses ago and the crackers. The towel it was my husband who gave too with matching napkins.

A detail with the poinsetia.

And here one of the baby Jesus my husband gave me. In the childrens table there's one too, we can hardly see it in the firts picture because he's laying down.

Tomorow the theme will be: Christmas Decorations.

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