Saturday, January 17, 2009

A new award

Irene, from The Green Greek , is a nice reader of my blog and I am a reader of hers. I’m always hopping to find a new post in her blog.
This time she posted about an award she recieved and gave to me also.
Now I have to nominate 10 people to whom I will give mine. It’s hard, as you can see in my blog list, I have a lot of blogs I like so much. So I choose these:

Diary of a Stay at Home Mom
Happy Hearts At Home

Home Living
Little Jenny Wren
Nice girls, they are.


Jenny said...

Oh thank you so much, I've never received an award before. I am honoured to be listed with blogs I admire so much on a blog that I love.

Sandra said...

Obrigada, grandes beijinhos :)

Alexandra said...

Thanks for thinking of me! :)

desorganizada said...

Thank you for remebering me!