Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Colours in my life - Brown

Well, I couldn't post before so, here I am now.
Maybe you will be desapointed but the surprise I announced it's ... me.
You won't see more of me then this.
Because today's colour is brown, I'm posting a bit of myself: brown eyes, brown hair.
Well, some of it is going grey but I don't wont to duy it. My husband says This is quite distinguished.

I choose this picture of my little girl to ilustrate some brown in my life becaus eI like very much this picture I took in Funchal last summer. It was in the town theather and all that brown on the doors and floor is very nice. Plus my baby's hair.

Theater of Funchal

Some brownies I like so much and my husband brought me from the cafe


Belgian chocolates he gave me

Belgian chocolates

These pigs I have on top of my friege, given by the same man to me

On top of my fridge

One of my beautiful chairs

...and to the floor

Carrot cake I'm always asking my oldest daughter to make because I like so much - here without the icing but she always adds it after

My oldest daughter made carrot cake

And a bit of Autumn I like so much but it's now so far.

Reflection on a lake

And I believe that's all about colours.
I have already two post in my head, - on another subject - one I hope to post tomorow and another in the day after.

See you next time.

1 comment:

Beti Copetti said...

Também tenho olhos e cabelos castanhos! E também não gosto de aparecer em fotografias!!

Mas... acabaram as cores? Eu estava gostando tanto!!!