Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter lunch

We had such a wonderful Easter Day.

Easter lunch

Here you can see some eggs my husband gave to me and the girls and some flowers he picked to me in the fields.

Also the table set for us and our guests.

Easter dessert

The dessert was strawberries with ice cream and a kind of biscuits and chocolate eggs.

Such a good day.

The day before was full of rain, which is not bad, also.
See it here?


The rain was not falling right because of the wind so the windows were all full of rain drops.

It was so nice. A very cosy saturday.


Andy said...

Just read you post on Posy's blog and thought I'd have a nosey at yours. Such lovely photos (must get myself organised with a blog, but in a baby haze at the moment!) I'll be back

grace x

Beti Copetti said...

Oi amiga!!!
Hoje é o dia do amigo virtual, e vim te deixar um beijo!!

Alexandra said...

I love your table setting, so beautiful. White for Easter and red glasses for the Passion.