Sunday, March 16, 2008

Colours in my life - Lavender and purple

Purple saintpaulias

My mother's saitpaulias, the purpliesh saintpaulias I ever saw


Some purple flowers in Madeira Island

Palheiro Gardens

Lavender and purple sky, viewed from my kitchen window
Pink & purple sky

and alfazema ! (lavender)



I don't know if I will post next colour today or tomorow, because I need to go with my husband to some place. Let's see.
In next colour, that will be , I think, the last one, you will have a little surprise.


Maria said...

Hi!! I live in brazil and found your blog by chance in google search

I also have a blog and I also call myself alfazema...cause I love this flower too ^_^

Of course its not as beautiful as yours...im not too good in featuring
things in computer...

As we have many things in common I thought I couldnt pass by your blog without leaving a coment ^_^

good luck and God bless you

Alfazema (Maria)

oh! my blogger adress...



Beti Copetti said...

Enfim chegou o dia da cor da tua flor!! Que é linda!!
As duas primeiras fotos - aqui chamamos de violeta africana. Mas não sei o motivo deste nome!
Na terceira foto está a Bela Emília!
A flor da foto seguinte, da Ilha da Madeira, tenho aqui no meu jardim, mas não sei o nome! As outras duas nunca tinha visto.
E a alfazema estou tentando fazer crescer no meu jardim.