Friday, March 7, 2008

To be or not to be... blue

Cameras have their mysteries.
This time was some pictures I wanted to take to my saintpaulias.
I went, all happy, camera in my hand, take a lot of pictures of the above mention flowers to show in my blog and in Flickr.
It came out very well and clear, the problem was the colour. This wonderful blue you can see is not real but I didn't do anything to change the real colour. It's purple! Deep purple!
How cam it be that it turned blue?
I just pointed the camera and... voilà! Blue!

Last year I took some pictutres to my mother's saintpaulia, a purple one like mine, and it was a nice purple that showed in the picture as you can see here.


So, why mine is bleu?
Well, maybe it's even nicer in blue. I just posted yesterday in the afternoon to Flickr and has, already, 129 views and 69 comments!
Ok, then.

The other plant came out in a more real colour: hers.
Here it is.

Well, never mind all that. In the end, it's quite funny.


Alexandra said...

Fantastic close-ups!

. said...

Thank you. I was very lucky.