Sunday, March 30, 2008

Divine Mercy Sunday

I was reading a post at Posy and then went to Amanda - Posy posted a link to her - and as I read both posts I answered to the first one:

Today is not raining - or snowing - and we haven't wind - and we are a windy town! It's sunny everywhere and I'll seat and anjoy the pleasure of being at home.

Yes, it's true. Being at home it's a previlege I can't afford everyday. I mean, not all day long. But today I can because it's sunday, Divine Mercy Sunday. We went to Mass and now we are at home.

My husband is in S. Tomé doing some work for an hotel that is being built there. He called me earlier, when he was in the Mass (!!!) so I could hear the songs there and how the voices were so nice. Sounded like angels. He hardly spoke, just asked in a very low voice: can you hear it? I said yes. Then he hang off. It was very nice.

Good sunday for everyone.

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