Thursday, March 27, 2008

More Easter pretyness

Maybe a lot of you think that Easter is gone. Let me tell you the truth: Easter continues for several weeks. There is several sundays of Easter.
So, I think I may keep posting about Easter.

Here, in this picture, are mixed several festivities: Christmas, that is important all year long, is represented with the baby Jesus. My husband put this image here at Christmas time and didn't take it away. So, that means he wants it to stay there, maybe for a while.
At his feet, the olive tree branches from Palm Sunday. And now more Easter eggs, these ones given to my four girls by my sister.

And now just some more pictures from my dining room in this festive time.


CIELO said...

Hi, thank you for vising my house in the roses.... I love your Easter lunch table... your house is very cozy... Your blog banner is very pretty and I enjoyed your quote: "being the true me or all things domestic and feminine"...

Please come visit me again...


cd&m said...

Everything looks so lovely and festive.