Sunday, March 9, 2008

Colours in my life - Orange

Beti, é cor de laranja mesmo.

This it's me talking to dear Beti from Casa al Mare who said yesterday that she would come here again today to verify if the colour of today is orange or not. And yes, it is.

And we begin with these little flowers I like so much. Their leaves are small and long and grows covering the ground on sunny spots, sometimes the beach. I like to to put it in my kitchen to give a good mood in the morning as I wake up and go in.

This is a orange bougainvillia my husband planted in a Madeira Island hotel called Carlton. It's so pretty.
Orange bougainvillea

One of my aprons, with pot holder and bread bag.

Here again so you can view it better.
My new set

Another apron of mine, here dressed by my oldest daughter.
This one is mine

Here you can see better the pattern
Nice pattern

And now proper oranges in my kitchen.
Butter and Sugar


Beti Copetti said...

hehe!!! Foi laranja mesmo! Mas nesta última foto, é uma laranja? Ou tangerina? Não sei como se chama em Portugal, mas aqui no sul do Brasil, chamamos de bergamota. Mais para o centro do país é chamada de tangerina e mixirica.
Acho que esta é a bergamota ponkan!

. said...

Talvez seja.